Where the river used to flow

from by You Big Ox



I shift my gaze, to the ocean fronts and swells
The seas will recognize our faces, our faces of contemplation

Hold your head in your hands, we chase the shade, and hide our faces from the sun
Hold your head in your hands, we taste the same, the flesh upon our bones bleeds red

Follow the moons like astronauts
Follow the leaves that make you there
Follow the birds that know their way back
Shadows of spirits dance on the walls
Where the river used to flow


from The Oxwhal, released March 10, 2016



all rights reserved


You Big Ox Los Angeles, California

My name is Derek. I play the drums and guitars. I have 2 cats. Pizza should never have more than 3 toppings. Cycling and backcountry camping are the best things in life. I don't fuck with carbonated drinks, never have.

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